Meet the COUPLEtv Cast!

It was a fun and wild ride while it lasted, but season three of CoupleTV is a wrap! HUGE congratulations to the winners, and our heartfelt thanks to all of our daters.

Season three winners

Eric Hersant 155,000

I’m a co-host on a podcast where I have the privilege of interviewing celebrities about relationships, life, and sex. A Canadian who escaped the cold, I moved to LA to network and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs/creators. Looking for someone to join me on this adventure.

Kaci Jane 219,085

Actor, model, influencer. I laugh a lot ... and loudly.


Christopher Joyner 85,300

Looking for a real connection and positive energy. Hoping to meet a best friend, someone I can laugh and have fun with! I love to travel and go see and do different things., and I'm hoping to meet someone who's down to enjoy life and do the same things! I mean, let's F it ... let's hope on a plane.

Candace Thompson 139,000

IT professional by day, female rapper by night. Fitness influencer who loves cheat days. Looking for the mac to my cheese!

Thank you to our wonderful season three cast!!!

Chris Baris 310,000

I'm a 27-year-old social media influencer. I used to play pro soccer in Europe, and I know how to score a goal with any girl. I've been single for the past three years, and I'm still looking for my Mrs. Right. Please help me by voting and giving me the chance to find the love of my life.

Ashwin Jacob 306,200

Boston guy in LA who loves to laugh ... and eat pizza.

Cam M 179,000

If brunch and long walks to the nursery sound good to you, then we’ll get along. My dog means more to me than I mean to myself. If you still think crazy is cute, then this won’t work out.

Johan Cox 166,000

Most people call me Trap. I’m a father, model, brand ambassador, and influencer. I’m here to catch a vibe and hopefully find a woman that fits into my lifestyle. Positive vibes only.

Damon Wilson 147,000

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV! I am a bro basketball player, model, actor, influencer who loves to travel and create a good time out of nothing. I am 6’4 strong athletic man who is ready to meet my soul-mate so we can build a empire together. Vote me in on CoupleTv!

Ryan Pownall 146,000

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Ric Alston 113,000

I'm a model, inspiring actor, and social media influencer. I’m not for BS - keep that over there. Great vibes, and I love to travel, learn new things, and get experiences in life. Big passion for helping others and giving back . Big goofball love to laugh and have good time

Malik Harris 111,771

Hey, my name is Malik Harris. I’m 27 and from Chicago, IL. I’m a professional musician who likes to travel around the world doing what I love to do. When I have free time, I like to go to basketball games and on adventures.

MC Bravado 64,200

Native New Yorker, Warped Tour veteran, Baltimore-City-English teacher-turned-rapper, nonprofit program coordinator (Beats Not Bullets), independent record label co-owner, devout cat dad. Where do I find time to date again?

Markel Epps 31,000

Musician, model, and influencer. I’m 6’3, handsome, and having fun chasing my dreams.

Aria Mahdavi 22,604

Aria MHD, your favorite Sneakerhead and YouTuber! I love to travel, cook, watch movies, and (especially) drink coffee. Looking for someone who shares the same interests, and who wants to go on adventures and attempt new challenges together.

Jake Ondrus 16,000

Hey, I’m Jake! I work as a model, actor, and health coach. I love being active and living life to the fullest. I’m huge into personal development and helping others achieve their fullest potential. Loving life and living my purpose :)

David Ayodele 13,300

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Matt Koelen 12,800

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Keyshawn Stroud 11,100

I'm 6'0 and a model, influencer, and nail tech ... but my tattoos are what tell my real story.

John Zibin 8,100

At 16, DJ John Easy was already lighting up Toronto's Frequency Nightclub. A decade later, he's not just a DJ, he's an experience, from BMO Field to global stages. For John, DJing isn't just music, it's leadership with a beat.

Stiden Augustin 1,957

My name is Stiden (Den), but you… you can call me anytime

Pedrooo 1,500

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Jerrilyn Lake 1,055,710

From Atlanta. Social media influencer. No kids.

Adiel Grech 662,700

All things social media, spirituality, travel, and desserts. Check out @adielgrech for a sneak peek into my life!

Alyah Lewska 392,100

Now taking applications for a boyfriend. Must be certified in cuddling and telling me I’m pretty.

Sarah Russi 389,000

I have been doing adult work since the age of 18 -- I started doing adult-themed photo shoots, and a few years later I got into camming and adult content creation. I’ve been making content for about five years now. I grew up in Boston, MA, and I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.

Rosa Guiterrez 372,933

My name is Rosa, but I go by Rose … and I promise I’m your favorite rose in the garden. I’m 27 years young. I’m a content creator, and a fun fact about me is that I appeared in the movie "Straight Outta Compton." You should vote for me because I have a lotta love to give.

Lolly Bakare 345,000

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Yuliya Lasmovich 311,000

Hello, beautiful world. My name is Yuliya and I'm a model in LA. Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Alicia G 252,840

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Natali Brito 195,165

Hello, everyone! My name is Natali Brito and I’m 32 years old. I’m originally from Mexico City, but I currently live in Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Saima Salma 167,739

My name is Saima and I’m a Pakistani-American social media personality. I’m a self-declared “free bird” who loves art and has a taste for the finer things in life. I’m hoping to meet someone who is one-of-a-kind and wants to be my partner in crime.

Cassandra Riley Lynn 165,000

Content creator and model who has a passion for health, fitness, and traveling the world. I have had the pleasure to work with a variety of well-known brands throughout my career, including Rockstar Energy Drink, Fireball Whisky, AETV, and more.

Nicole Kay 145,242

I’m 29, single, and from Chicago. I’m interested in men who are well-traveled, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and are driven, spontaneous, adventurous, family-oriented, tall, dark, and handsome.

Alanna Pearson 141,000

Hi! I’m not really sure what to share here, but ... my name is Alanna. I’m an extremely creative human with a love for everything marketing, photography, and business. I’m always working on a couple of new projects! I enjoy travel, reading, and new experiences. Can’t wait to chat!

Ali Lee 138,720

I am a single mom of the two most amazinggggg kids, ages 6 and 8. I love all things art and passion, and I've been singing and dancing my whole life. I had two radio singles some years ago, and I'm a fitness model in my current day job. And I loveee long walks on the beach ... but for real, though.

Jessica Starling 129,025

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Egypt M 125,496

You can catch me gaming on Twitch in my free time. My favorite thing to do is karaoke, where I sing Rihanna (of course). I'm a dog mom of two Alaskan Malamutes. Comedy is my love language.

Jennifer Acosta 113,000

Life is great, but maybe it could be better with you?

Cheyenne Rachelle 104,000

Where’s the love? I’m 25, quirky, and genuine. I’m down for any type of adventure, and I’m always the funny one. If traveling and eating isn’t part of the relationship, then I don’t want it.

Tina Torres 95,800

Tina Torres is a multi-talented entertainer and makeup entrepreneur. She was born and raised in San Francisco, made her way to New York, and currently resides in Orlando. Being the hopeless of all hopeless romantics, Tina is looking to find a mate that will suit her.

Oksana Rykova 78,000

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Gianna Patino 77,000

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Julie J 64,000

just a fun-sized bad girl lookin' for love in nyc. or more like a bro trapped in a chick’s body. same thing.

Lesha Jay 24,200

Hello, I’m Lesha (pronounced like Ke$ha, dollar sign optional)! Filmmaker, lover of fine wine and beaches, host with the most, and just an all-around good time! I love making new connections on

Khushi Patel 22,600

Hi, my name is Khushi! I’m 22 years old and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’m a fashion influencer and social media manager. I love traveling and going out with my girls. I’m an extrovert, so I love spontaneous adventure ... and I hope that this show is one of those experiences!

Kosmic Hue 10,501

I’m a very down-to-earth and high-in-the-sky type of person. I love traveling, art, food, and self-expression through modeling and acting. Looking for someone to match and reciprocate my energy!

Cameren Jackson 8,963

Bright and Beautiful girl ready to settle down.

Lauren Black 5,400

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

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