Meet the COUPLEtv Cast!

It was a fun and wild ride while it lasted, but season two of CoupleTV is a wrap! HUGE congratulations to the winners, and our heartfelt thanks to all of our daters.

Season two winners

Rodney Smith II 6,153

> Radio Host > Podcast Host > Fashion Major > Country Swing Dancer > Nashville > Country Music <3

Nicole Rosati 12,400

I’d rather steal your dessert than your significant other, but this is a game so we’ll see what happens. Likes: fashion, beauty, health, fitness and travel Dislikes: Your man in my DM’s


femster 2,213

Full-time Investment Advisor, Full-time Model. Looking for an ambitious, loyal, inspiring lady to make memories with.

Tynisha Renee 12,824

29 | ATL | Mimosas | Creation | Laughter is therapy. How would I describe myself in one word? A vibe! Vote for me if you like to be adventurous, laughing, and appreciate intellectual stimulation/transparency. Check out my social media profiles: YouTube: TynishaTalks Instagram: tynisha_renee

Thank you to our wonderful season two cast!!!

Mike Mains 159,400

Hi! I'm 33 years old from Toronto, Canada. I love travelling, books, dogs, nature, self improvement, meditation, working out, motorcycles, skateboarding and getting out of my comfort zone any chance I get!

Abhayjot Chawla 52,434

Just a simple guy looking for a not so simple girl ;)

David K. - @DeeJayDaveK 47,211

Tall, Dark & Handsome! I'm a 6'4 giant social & outgoing individual who loves music, events, food, new experiences and so much more!

DidYouKnowDanny 35,400

Jordan Stamina 34,464

Hey my name is Jordan stamina Im a videographer and a sneaker enthusiast located in toronto Ontario! My height is 5’6 but my ambition is more like 6’5 I love to go on adventures and travel! So if that’s you let me know where we’re going :)

Salt 33,731

Hey y’all the names JJ aka Salt, I’m usually either the life of the party or the salty one off in the corner mumbling….but I’m looking to change that perspective this season on Couple TV! Hopefully I find my special someone to complete the “Sweet

Anthony Samaroo 28,372

On here to see if I find a connection, hopefully looking for a serious relationship, I do sales andI’m a influencer I don’t multiple types of series here’s a link to my channel

Lucas Bertolino 23,800

Born and Raised in Brazil, but lived in Canada for 11 years. Went to college for Fitness, and worked as a personal trainer ever since. Also graduated from Marketing and Advertising in 2018. I now work as a actor/model/personal trainer. My Motto is to be happy and make others happy too.

Dustin Cormier 22,173

Dustin Cormier is a professional Vedic Astrologer, musician, writer, and social media influencer from Oshawa, close to Toronto, Ontario. Dustin is bisexual, is 29 years old, and is quite androgynous. Despite being in his rock band BUSM, Dustin is a contemplative soul and seeks to be a nice person.

Aria Mahdavi 18,824

Aria MHD, your favorite Sneakerhead and YouTuber! I love to travel, cook, watch movies, and (especially) drink coffee. Looking for someone who shares the same interests, and who wants to go on adventures and attempt new challenges together.

Dhruv Sharma 18,196

Economic Guru turned Fashion Model with a passion for fitness and health. I try not to take life too seriously and stay open-minded to new experiences like taking up modeling:)

Leon Bodden 17,414

Young ambitious guy with a passion for tech. Originally from NYC. Former college wrestler turned rapper.

Oscar Sanchez 13,931

I love beautiful, confident, and sexy women that are completely comfortable being feminine. Are you drop dead gorgeous, healthy, confident, optimistic, sexually open, flexible, giving, intelligent, honest, outgoing, fun, great communicator? I love to laugh, tease, and have fun. I am a strong man.

Adam Julian M 13,412

I am a super fun outgoing, world traveller, self-made, always laughing (usually at myself) kinda guy. I love spontaneous adventures, long walks, and good talks!

Emanuele 12,700

Civil engineer living in Toronto, Italian at heart. Determined, fun, romantic, a little crazy. Seeking to travel the whole world, wanna join me?

SparkTheGenius 12,542

I write commercials, and I'm an actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist. I ran for parliament and mayor. I went viral for a love song for the Green Party leader. I acted in commercials I wrote for Nutri-Grain. Add me on Facebook: Josh Rachlis or Instagram @SparkTheGenius

Kenneth Puig 10,499

I’m a Puerto Rican that was born and raised in New York. I love animals and I love to travel. I’m a guy that is down to binge watch a great show but I’m also open to enjoying the beautiful setting the universe has to offer. I do bring a lot more to the table including food I have some cooking

Jake Ondrus 8,935

Hey, I’m Jake! I work as a model, actor, and health coach. I love being active and living life to the fullest. I’m huge into personal development and helping others achieve their fullest potential. Loving life and living my purpose :)

Godfrey Mangwiza 8,203

John Zibin 8,088

At 16, DJ John Easy was already lighting up Toronto's Frequency Nightclub. A decade later, he's not just a DJ, he's an experience, from BMO Field to global stages. For John, DJing isn't just music, it's leadership with a beat.

Alex Cruze 6,630

Writer. Fitness Motivator. Public speaker. Living and Loving the Nomad lifestyle. Toronto-Niagara-Sudbury-Quito Favourite Book: The Mastery of Love Favourite Movie: Crazy Rich Asians Favourite Food: Everything!!!

Jakylon Walker 3,777

I have a big personality and love to travel I’m not just one thing I’m all.

Peter Bent 3,752

Peter Bent (a former intern for P. Diddy) is an award-winning writer, producer, director, and actor from Toronto, Canada. Peter has penned over 30 projects. In 2020, Peter launched Think Man Entertainment Inc., a film and television production company geared towards changing the way people think.

Pedrooo 3,681

Looking for real connections while having fun on CoupleTV!

Sean @seangarveyatl 480

Hello. My name is Sean. I am 37, Aquarius, native of Atlanta, Georgia and I work in media . I am a little bit of a nerd, outgoing, but I am also bi-sexual and gender fluid. I'm looking for a person who can make me laugh, free-spirited, ambitious, smart, spiritual, and has a moral compass.

Adiel Grech 688,000

All things social media, spirituality, travel, and desserts. Check out @adielgrech for a sneak peek into my life!

Karina 139,300

Hi guys, My name is Karina! I’m singer! I love Fitnes and travel

Julie Atara 81,002

Autumn Kealy 56,885

CEO of not taking life too seriously. Nigerian mother and Irish father but somehow ended up in Georgia? My ideal date would start with a candlelit dinner at QT (I get a hot dog, you get a taquito, we split a red nipple-top Gatorade) and end with a romantic stroll through Home Depot at sunset

Jess Zekser 53,600

What’s up guys, I’m Jess! I currently live in Toronto and love to be outdoors and active! Anything that gets the me moving in the sun is a huge passion of mine, you can definitely find me paddle boarding on the lake or doing yoga in the park :). Connect with me for an awesome adventure!

Love Atiya 44,362

Hey! I'm @loveatiya and I am a 26 year old actress, animal activist, nature enthusiast

Katrina Raye 44,039

Hey! My name is Kat I'm really into living a healthy lifestyle, if im not at the beach im probably at the gym! Ideally id love to find someone who also lives an active lifestyle and doesn't mind being a little spontaneous! I love trying new things and hopefully getting to travel more in the future.

RealShaySav 40,882

Hey my name is Shay a.k.a @RealShaySav A few hobbies of mine include creating music, travelling, and working out. My favourite colour is blue but I look best in red. Can’t wait to meet y’all.

Kiley Langille 39,925

hi im Kiley! A 6'3 ft, model/actress based in Toronto. I love going on adventures and trying new things. I have a sweet puppy named Koko who is a morkie, (yorkie/maltese). I love eating healthy and working out. A fit lifestyle is important to me.

Anna Senet 39,700

I’m a born Torontonian

Kristen Baier 35,496

I’m 28 I just moved to atl to focus on taking my modeling and acting to a new level , I have a wolf dog named Arcticus and he’s my life so must love wolves/ doggos. My ideal person would be SMART, funny

Olenka 35,349

I’m Olenka, I’m a singer/songwriter from Toronto. I find joy in artistic hobbies such as dancing

Serena Dhillon 32,962

Lesha Jay 31,585

Hello, I’m Lesha (pronounced like Ke$ha, dollar sign optional)! Filmmaker, lover of fine wine and beaches, host with the most, and just an all-around good time! I love making new connections on

Janna Niki 26,900

Imanii Kolailat 26,727

I am a laid-back and easygoing person, always seeking for a pleasant, positive, and fun atmosphere. I enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods, as well as just at home and relaxing in a bubble bath with a nice book.

Pureness 26,670

Toronto Celeb MUA looking to give love!

Arnie 22,299

Professional artist living in Atlanta. Lover of food and meeting new people.

Pha Baby 20,518

Pha Baby MBA, is a singer-songwriter

Georgiana Dusa 19,806

Hi my name is Gia. A little about me: I'm a model and an influencer and love spending my time with a beverage and my film camera by the beach. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Angela Argentina 17,864 #TheRestaurantEvolution

Greta Vai 16,400

Christyna 15,209

Hi my name is Christyna. I’m looking for a MAN NOT A DRAMA KING- who compliments my life and is ready to explore, laugh and enjoy all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I admire simple things and appreciate this process on creating a magical journey with you!

Betty 14,700

Hiya! • HK Born • Free-Spirited, Positive Energy, Social People-Liker, fries Addict • Fashion / Beauty / Food Enthusiast • Fashion Eboutique owner Hobbies include: Overdressing, Fashion-Styling, volunteering abroad, hosting soirées, supporting local, socializing! Motto: Be Kind, Love Always

Cheryl Sutherland 14,356

Let's go on an adventure! Speaker, Entrepreneur, and super fun too! Single, no kiddos, and looking for someone ambitious and delicious. YYC -> LAX -> YYZ

Nina Lauren 14,217

Ready for Fun? Free-spirit, Driven, Outgoing, Ambitious

Dee Cyprus 11,666

Fun, outgoing, bubbly, sassy, model, rollerblading, beach, shopping, hiking, travel, water sports

Malvina 10,681

Nicole Lam 10,582

Being a sensitive soul, I'm just looking for someone who can keep me grounded in this chaotic world. If you love astrology, mental health, or taking photos, let's connect~

Lyndsey Iellimo 10,500

Originally from Pittsburgh, Lyndsey is a singer and actress who loves meeting new people. She loves hearing about other people’s dreams and passions. She currently lives in Atlanta!

Maria Guardado 10,400

Can you handle the Latin Heat? I am 22 fun, spicy and dangerous. Looking to find the vibe! are you it?

Stina Dias 10,130


Lauren Black 6,854

Im a fun, loving, outgoing, Adventurous bad bishh!! Im always the life of the party

Chiamaka Nwokeocha 6,526

24. Fitness lover. Master of Public Health Student. Nigerian.

Jessica Chin King 6,489

I am an actor/producer/photographer based in Toronto. Work hard, play hard.

Amber Roberts 6,013

I’m looking for somebody I can call boo! Looking for someone to give my all to! Tell me is it you??? Floridian so you know I’m steaming hot like the Summer! Super Woman! What can’t I do?! Live, Love, Laugh!

Ashley 6,003

I am 33 years old, outgoing, fun-loving and super ambitious. I am career oriented and love spending time with my friends and family.

Ella Alexandria Love 5,253

Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I’m on Couple to meet new friends, and potentially match with a long term romantic partner. I’m an entrepreneur and mother. I love learning, reading, and trying new things! I’m passionate about the arts, and spend my spare time writing and singing.

Angela Boka 4,250

Aly Jay 3,094

Just a Tennessean girl living in Nashville, TN, selling real estate, spending summers on river and winters in the mountains. my two favorite seasons are fall and sec basketball (go Cats) - hustle mindset, always positive, focused on the goals - christian - travler - adventureous

Abisola 2,535

I’m a traveling model living based out of Atlanta but from DC. I’m a sister to four brothers and one sister and fall in the middle of us. I absolutely love anything food related and anything adventure related!

Natasha 1,141

Hi ! Natasha here, excited to meet all of you as I love meeting new people! Keep it genuine and let’s laugh, get to know each other and have amazing convo! No pressure

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