Season one recaps

Our inaugural beta series was BIG … and a total blast!

Season one started out with 48 speed daters in the mix, and as you might expect, all those potential matches made for lots of dates and lots of drama.

Over the eight-week season, we saw hours of fierce flirting and plenty of plot twists, and ultimately we livestreamed our way to a season finale that featured 24 voter-selected finalists.

At stake for the winning couple?

Well, l-o-v-e, of course.

Aaaand a teeny-tiny cash prize of $10,000.

Aaaand an all-expenses-paid trip to Couples Resorts in Jamaica.

(Not bad for a beta, huh? 😉)

As the finale episode wound down, viewers and the CoupleTV team alike thought they had the Jamaica-bound duo all figured out. But, as romance and reality-TV fans know all too well, love stories aren’t always so linear.

When all was said and done (and in a finale that will be hard to top), CoupleTV found itself awarding TWO unforeseen couples cash prizes and the unbelievable Jamaican getaway. Host Colleen revealed that cast members Lindsay and Alex had individually received the most viewer votes, and that they each had only a few minutes to reveal their most crushed-upon CoupleTV partner ... and invite them live and on camera to join them in paradise!
In an exciting and shocking finale, Lindsay invited Jarred to join her, and Alex invited Jada.

They obvs said yes.

Check out our exciting recap of season one (and see some clips from our winners' trip to Jamaica!), and then tune in on August 24th to see how our second season stacks up to our first!

Grand prize winner Lindsay Ivan

Grand prize winner Jarred Bronstein

Second place winner Alex Abou-Akl

Second place winner Jada Todd

Grand-prize winner Lindsay Ivan

Grand-prize winner Jarred Bronstein

Second-place winner Alex Abou-Akl

Second-place winner Jada Todd

Our inaugural beta series was BIG … and a total blast!