Season two recaps


(Sorry, but we’re not sure there’s a more articulate or accurate way to say it.)

We welcomed new cast members, new interactive features, new game-play, and a heckuva lot of new drama.

Best of all? Our amazing CoupleTV viewers were in the middle of ALL the matchmaking mayhem. From choosing the original 24 cast members to selecting who would stay and who would go each week, the love-lives of our daters were in the hands of fans more than fate this season.

And wowzers did they take us on an exciting ride.

Over the course of eight episodes, we watched and weighed-in as cast members went on a series of speed dates. Each week brought surprises: fan faves being eliminated, promising couples parting ways, on-air arguments … the works.

And because our cast members got restless and met in person throughout the series, the dating drama didn’t end when episodes were over. Three words: LOVE. TRIANGLES. EVERYWHERE.

(Check out all of the S2 episode recaps here for the pipin’-hot tea on what went down week-by-week.)

Drama aside, there were some clear couples starting to form, and ultimately it was up to the fans and CoupleTV’s proprietary dating algorithm to dwindle-down the dating pool to the one couple who had the most chemistry.

At stake? A grand-prize trip to paradise and $10,000 in cash. DANG, right?

In an exciting and intense finale, cast members Nicole and Rodney were revealed to be the second-ever CoupleTV couple!

Our winners selected Femi and Tynisha as the runner-up couple (whoop!), and you can check out the recap vid to see what went down when these two twosomes jetted off to Jamaica for an epic, all-expenses-paid adventure.

Just prepare to be jealous.

Grand prize winner Rodney Smith II

Grand prize winner Nicole Rosati

Second place winner Femi Orenuga

Second place winner Tynisha

Grand prize winner Rodney Smith II

Grand prize winner Nicole Rosati

Second place winner Femi Orenuga

Second place winner Tynisha


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Episode one recap:

Our premiere episode started off with some surprises, a lot of leading ladies, and one very in-demand date (👋 John).

Episode two recap:

Episode two was a bittersweet one, guys. While it started out on a high note, it ended with our first three eliminations of the season.

Episode three recap:

Episode three stunned this week as we welcomed three new cast members to the virtual set.

Episode four recap:

Believe it or not, episode four marked the halfway point of season two.

Episode five recap:

Love triangles and LOTS of tea. Episode five had so much mysterious drama.

Episode six recap:

One word, folks: WOW.

Episode seven recap:

Anyone else have the 80s’ classic “Love Is A Battlefield” stuck in their heads?

Episode eight recap:

And the winners are … !

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