Episode one recap:


Call us biased, but season two of CoupleTV is already 🔥🔥!

Our premiere episode started off with some surprises, a lot of leading ladies, and one very in-demand date (👋 John).

Cast members learned that they were only allowed to Couple FOUR partners per episode, requiring a bit of speed-dating strategy that left some of our daters less than thrilled … and in the position of having to Cut a partner they were clicking with. (Sorry, kids. Them’s the rules.)

We also dialed-up the drama with post-date confessionals, and let us tell you … OUR SPEED DATERS SPILLED THE DANG TEA. Whether it was owning up to feeling some major Couple crushes (did Femi already drop the L-word for Aly?), or shutting someone down without a second thought (welcome to Jess's friendzone, Jake), our CoupleTV cast did not hold back. 

(Five words for you, daters:  keep 👏 serving 👏 up 👏 that 👏 tea 👏.)

The episode ended with host Colleen revealing that fan fave John had been awarded one of two Love Lives at stake last night, keeping him safe from elimination should the audience turn against him down the line.


John’s big win didn’t come as a surprise considering the love he was getting in the green room and in the viewer chat last night, but the award came with some fine print. To earn his immunity, John had to give the names of three women he felt were worthy of receiving Love Lives themselves … one of whom he’d ultimately have to crown the second Love Life winner. 

He was sweating the decision hard, but eventually he named Adiel, Tynisha, and Nicole as his contenders.

So who’d he pick?


Sorry, but unlike our daters, we don’t spill the tea so easily. 😉 You’ll have to tune in next Tuesday at 7pm EST to see which lucky lady is getting a Love Life. And eliminations begin next week, so yeah … you don’t want to miss it!


Throughout the episode, viewers were able to vote on each couple’s chemistry as well as on how they felt about each dater individually. Wanna see how our speed daters stacked up? Check out the stats below. 👇


Viewers were feeling the flirt with these three duos, and they voted in force for them to Couple each other!

Pedrooo & Tynisha | Jake & Georgiana | John & Adiel


Zero chemistry. At least that’s what our viewers thought about the following three twosomes. 

Mike & Love | Emanuele & Arnie | Aria and Betty


Sailing into episode two, these daters are earning big-time viewer love!

John | Femi | Tynisha


Are these CoupleTV cast members in danger of getting Cut? Show them some love next week with your votes!

Aria | Cheryl | Mike

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