Episode three recap:


Episode three stunned, so let’s dive right into it ...

This week CoupleTV welcomed three new cast members to the virtual set. Angela, Dee, and Salt were our viewers’ recasting choices, and they wasted no time jumping into the couple-making contest. Salt in particular made a splash, becoming a quick fan fave. (Let’s be real: he wasn’t doing too bad with the ladies, either. Way to live up to your spicy rep, Salt!)

In a surprising turn of events, viewers also voted to bring back controversial contestant Aly, who had been eliminated last week after a speed-dating spat with her Nashville neighbor Rodney. While most of the cast welcomed Aly back with open arms, Rodney was ... less enthused. (See the gossip below for more on that messy match.)

Despite a few tech hiccups and headaches, dating went off without a hitch, and our cast members continued to get to know each other on-screen. CoupleTV producers prompted partners with some edgier dating topics this week, which kept the convos flirty and less focused on the forecast. (You’re welcome, Arnie!)


When dating was done, Colleen revealed which women were at risk for elimination, and it was a bit of a stunner ... to say the least. Viewer votes had put Angela, Kiley, and Tynisha on the chopping block. A newbie and an OG fave? And Kiley on the chopping block for the second time? Whaaaa?

As the fan-fave male who had dated all three women, newcomer Salt was put in the hot seat and told that he had to choose one woman to save from elimination. Despite a BIG wave of support for Tynisha in the viewer chat, Salt ultimately chose to save Kiley, reluctantly and begrudgingly sending Angela and Tynisha packing.

Equally unhappy about playing judge was Jess, the most popular partner of the two men at risk. She felt totally incapable of choosing between Emanuele and Pedrooo, so she left the decision up to fate. Unfortunately, the coin flip did not fall in Pedrooo’s favor, so he joined Angela and Tynisha as one of the unlucky-in-love.

The good news for our eliminated daters and their fans? Their CoupleTV competition does NOT have to end there. Join us on IG Live (Friday, 9/17, @ 6pm) to see if they’ve been voted back onto the show!


WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING, Y’ALL. It’s our first CoupleTV proposal! John skipped the small-talk and instead popped the question to Ella during their speed date. Gotta admire that confidence and swagger, amirite? If all goes according to plan, the nuptials will be going down during their winning trip to Jamaica. (Like we said, swagger.)
Rodney straight-up stood-up Aly on their date, leaving her to talk solo while looking at his “out to dinner” sign. But was the joke on him? His absence gave Aly the opportunity to share some insight into what their beef is all about, and -- true or not -- the deets left Rodney looking like a scorned lover turned sore loser.
Jess has it bad for someone, and her fellow contestants think it’s Femi. (Spoiler alert: so do we.) But given the fact that Femi’s tables were on fire all night -- and that he’s copped to having a big crush on Lesha -- we’re pretty sure Jess has some competition for his affection. It could get testy at the dating tables next Tuesday!
Breathe easy: John and Adiel have made up! We’re still not exactly sure why they were on bad terms to begin with (s-h-a-d-y), but we’re glad they’re buddies again. Could it develop into something more? Probs not if Nicole has anything to do with it, but ya never know!
On the flip side, Nicole hit a sensitive spot when she accused Emanuele of being a flirt. Does a flirt = a fake? Dunno, but that’s how Emanuele took it … and he was convinced the accusation landed him on the chopping block.
Some of the best confessions of the night didn’t happen during the actual confessionals … go figure. Whether it was Tynisha fessing up to getting frisky on the roof of a car, John saying he’s down to get dirty with a threesome, or Cheryl reminiscing about a trip to the strip club with her mom (?), we got the goods on some juicy gossip.

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