Episode eight recap:

And the winners are … !

What do we say on the heels of a finale that had ALL the things?! 

Episode eight was exciting, revealing, shocking, and ... for some ... heartbreaking. 💔

But before we spill this strong cup of finale tea, we want to send big love to all of our cast members. Whether you’re headed to paradise with your CoupleTV crush ... or you’re feeling stung by the loss of love and loot … you’re all amazing. Tuesdays simply won’t be the same without you. 

(We’re totally not crying. Nope. Nothing to see here.)

ANYWAY. Let’s get into the good stuff … the final speed dates of the season!

And the winners are … !

In a fun change of pace, the finale dates were extended from three minutes to five … which of course led to some fire conversations. In fact, the dates were so juicy that we have to get into the good gossip right away:

Let’s start with the question everyone is asking: What happened between Dee and Femi?! Though neither one of them gave up much dirt during the show, it was clear to all who were watching that their relationship had taken a turn for the worse. And -- spoiler alert -- those instincts proved right by the end of the show. We sincerely hope there are no hard feelings between the duo who just last week (!) were considered the couple to beat.
John and Lesha's last date was their hottest by far. John (dressed to the nines ... from the waist up, at least) flirtatiously admitted to being tongue-tied and nervous, Lesha gave an emotional confessional that brought her to tears, and it was clear from their convo that they were in it to win it as a twosome. 
Following Aria's admission that he had a ride-or-die pact with a woman on the show (our gut told us it was Betty), he and Adiel started dishing about their disdain for dishonest cast mates. (That was kinda Adiel’s MO this episode. Check that video … she finally spills on her situation with John!) They even promised a podcast revealing all the people who played dirty throughout the season. Guys, you have your first subscribers right here. Please tell us this is happening. 
Rodney and Nicole's chemistry is just darn cute, right? Eight weeks in and their relationship seems solid. Look, this show is all about helping people find legit love, so regardless of trips and prizes and titles, we hope these two manage to make it work in real life … and not just on screen.
Tynisha and John's date got … tense? … when she questioned him about his speed-dating strategy throughout the season. No judgment here (this is a dating show after all), but John has played the CoupleTV field more than any other cast member, and his (uh, alleged) lack of transparency about that fact has left many a former flame disappointed. And unfortunately, his attempt at an explanation did not pass Tynisha’s test either.

And that ☝ became VERY clear when dating ended. 

Guys, John got (diplomatically) dragged. Again.

Tynisha, who initially thought she was talking with just the ladies in the Green Room, was actually outing John’s game-play publicly. While she made it clear she understood he was simply being strategic, she did not appreciate feeling like one of his pawns. 

Unshaken, John remained steadfast in his belief that he had done nothing shady. He shared that yes, he had pursued multiple connections, but he did so only until he found “the one” … and the one for him was Lesha.

So yeah. With that dirty laundry aired, it was time for the final round of eliminations.

Each of our four remaining men were asked to cast one final Couple vote for the woman they would invite to Jamaica should they be announced a season two winner.

Our hearts were pounding when Femi was given the first call. Were our suspicions true that he and Dee were on the outs? 😬 

In a season finale surprise, Femi chose to award his last Couple vote to … Tynisha! (DANG. We thought the producers were supposed to be in charge of the twists!)

Rodney (of course) Coupled Nicole, John voted Lesha, and Aria -- our long-time man of mystery -- revealed that he’d invite Betty.

With their last votes cast, Colleen reluctantly revealed that any woman who had not been Coupled was now eliminated from the show. 😮 Not gonna lie, knowing we were saying goodbye to Adiel, Cheryl, Dee, and Love hurt. 

But we weren’t given much time to process our emotions. Our focus was quickly recentered on the four remaining couples, each of which was being sized-up by the Couple dating algorithm. 

Using a combination of viewer votes and each duo’s Couple and Cut history from throughout the season (which our tech uses to predict the couple with the most potential), the winner would be determined completely by matchmaking math.


So who did our calculus reveal as the ultimate couple? 

Rodney and Nicole were proclaimed our season two CoupleTV couple and winners of $10K and a trip to Jamaica! 🎉

And in one last surprise of the season, this newly minted couple was asked to make their first joint decision by awarding -- right then and there -- a semi-finalist couple a trip to Jamaica and $2K all their own!

You know who it was, right? 

Femi and Tynisha, get those passports ready!

Whew! That’s a wrap on season two, folks! See ya back here next season for more romance recaps!

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