Episode four recap:

Viewer votes got us 😵

Viewers, we love you … but ya crazy.

We can’t quite figure out your voting MO. In episode three, your keep/cut votes put Pedrooo on the chopping block, and ultimately he was eliminated from season two. 

In the re-cast vote following the show, you voted BIG TIME to bring him back on. 

But then episode four comes along and you do him dirty again? What gives with the game-play?


Believe it or not, episode four marked the halfway point of season two. At the top of the episode, cast members, crew, and Couple viewers were pumped up to see that fan faves Tynisha and Pedrooo had been voted back onto the show, and the upbeat vibe seemed like it would inspire a whole bunch of high-energy dates.

But while some convos were fire, others were total flops. And with a fair amount of flirts in the mix, it can be hard to tell who our top couple contenders are. (Peep 👀 that video for the dating dirt!) 

Viewer votes got us 😵

When dating wrapped up, FIVE of our daters learned that viewer votes had left them vulnerable to elimination: Pedrooo, Jake, Ella, Gia, and Jess were the Couplers at risk, and fan faves Lesha and John were tasked with determining their fates.

Lesha made her decision reluctantly but quickly: Pedrooo would be going home for the first-date faux pas of mispronouncing her name … and Jake would live to date another day.

For John, he easily eliminated Gia (both of them admitted that their dates lacked chemistry), and Ella got the axe for being a long-distance love. Jess was the big winner moving on to episode five.

We’ll see if Pedrooo, Ella, and Gia rally for romance and rejoin us for episode five … or whether some new cast members are voted in to couple-up. 

Speaking of that … next week marks the LAST episode in which eliminated voters can vie to get back on the show (or be replaced with fresh faces), so prepare to see our daters dial up the drama. Catch it all here at couple.tv next Tuesday at 7pm ET!


Two words: TWERKING CONTEST. Professional dancer Arnie had this one in the bag. (Who says dating is more fun than hanging with the girls in the green room?)
We learned some Couplers are kinky (hey-o, Ella!) and some are very vanilla (John). Interesting power dynamic, especially considering how the voting played out this week.
Do Aly and Emanuele have an IRL relationship going on? What’s up with that? Someone call a producer, because we’re calling party foul.
Ella fessed-up to Salt that the ladies are kinda sweet on him, and John continues to be a hot commodity too. Dee was especially feeling the John-love… but,uh, apparently Abisola’s undies were not. 
Rodney revealed his top-three CoupleTV crushes. Spoiler alert: Aly didn’t make the cut. But you know who did? Nicole, Lesha, and Tynisha.

GAME PLAY WAS AFOOT. Tynisha copped to having a CoupleTV squad with Rodney and Femi. Will this alliance affect the ultimate season outcome? Kinda living to see this speed-dating strategy play out.

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