Episode seven recap:


Anyone else have the 80s’ classic “Love Is A Battlefield” stuck in their heads? Because it’s all we can hear after watching the matchmaking massacre that was episode seven.

Let’s skip the fluff and get right to the heart of the matter: NINE daters were eliminated in our penultimate episode.

The square root of 81. Ten minus one. Three times three. NINE! DATERS! CUT! FOR! GOOD!

Did anyone see that coming? ‘Cause we sure didn’t.

When host Colleen teased the mass elimination at the onset of the episode, the cast was shocked, which meant dating (obviously) got off to a nerve-wracking start. 

Also sending a ripple of anxiety through many of the dating tables were the results of a recent Instagram poll that positioned Dee and Femi as the fan-fave couple to beat. That kind of intel can either fortify or deflate your flirting game, and it’s hard to say whether it tipped the scales of viewer voting one way or another.

All we know? Every round of dating felt risky.


The final race to the finale began post-dates when THREE fan faves were charged with making their most epic keep-or-cut call yet.

Rodney was put to the test first, but let’s be real: voters basically gave him the answer key. Why? Because among the women at risk was his go-to girl Nicole, which meant the cards were stacked against her chopping-block partners Arnie, Kiley, and Pureness. (Perhaps that’s why Arnie -- in an amazing and badass move that we 100% respect -- took herself out of the running.)

Up next was Dee, who had to choose between Aria, Emanuele, Jake, and Salt. Tough call between a lot of former fan faves, but ultimately (and in a play that some people said spoke to a prearranged speed-dating alliance …?), she chose to save Aria and his awesome shoe collection from elimination.

Finally, DJ John was back in the hot seat in episode seven, and DANG did he face a tough decision. Four strong, smart, stunning women were up for elimination: Abisola, Ella, Lesha, and Stina. While some thought he might opt to save Stina after a professional connection led to sparks, his heart seems to be honing in on Lesha, and so she got the pass to the finale. 

When all was said and done, only half of our original cast will be dating in episode eight, the last of the season: four men (Aria, Femi, John, and Rodney) and eight women (Adiel, Betty, Cheryl, Dee, Lesha, Love, Nicole, and Tynisha). 

Which couple is going to Jamaica and winning $10K? Beats us, but you can bet we’ll be tuning in next Tuesday to find out.


We heard a rumor that beloved Betty has her eye on someone, AND WE WANT THE TEA! Did we miss a confession? Because we’re still not sure who her number one (or even two or three) is, and we need the deets.
Ella filled us in that there’s a group chat between the CoupleTV ladies, and all their dishing with one another about their top picks has DEFINITELY changed the way they play the game. Innnnteresting how all of the behind-the-scenes stuff has shaken up the game so drastically throughout the season.
Tynisha told Jake that the two cast members she’d like to kiss are Lesha and John, and all we can say is YES. Those are two matches we can totally get behind. (Tynisha + Lesha in particular = total power couple, and we are SUPER into it.)
RODNEY IS HEADED TO TORONTO?! Looks like he’s willing to consider long-distance relationships after all, eh, Nicole? You can’t tell us he’s making the trip just to check out the CN Tower.
Though these relationships weren’t even on our radar until episode six, things seem to be heating up between Dee and Femi and John and Lesha. (Then again, romance that is quick to spark sometimes burns-out just as rapidly, so we ain’t counting any chickens just yet. Plus, did we mention we dig a Lesha-Tynisha match?)
And nothing can douse a fire quite like the shade of some friendly competition. Femi pulled no punches in saying who he thought his/Dee’s biggest competition is heading into the finale. (Hint: It’s our future long-distance couple.)

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