Episode six recap:

Going, going, gone (again)

One word, folks: WOW. 

Episode six did NOT disappoint: Truth or Digital Dare in the Green Room, frank convos between (former?) couples, late-to-the-game twosomes that are H-O-T … in other words, cue the recap vid!

We knew at the start of the episode that it was destined for drama. It was the first time this season that NONE of the daters who were eliminated in the prior episode were voted back. (Sorry, Gia and Adam!) Instead, original cast member Pedrooo returned with a fresh haircut that had Abisola swooning, and newcomer Stina was on-set freestyling with Femi.

On top of that, tensions were high from the get-go since the cast knew that whoever was eliminated at the close of the show would be gone … for good.

When the dating was done (and HOLY 💩 were those dates fiyah … check the goss below), things got real.

Repeat fan fave Cheryl had to make a choice between Jake and Pedrooo, two men who have spent a lot of time on the chopping block. But unlike last week, Cheryl was quick and decisive in her call: her growing connection with Jake meant he was safe from elimination, and for the … third? … fourth? … time, Pedrooo was sent packing.

Going, going, gone (again)

In what might be the height of season-two drama, fan fave Rodney had to choose between Love, Jess, and … Aly

Yes, THAT Aly. The one he’s been fighting with the entire season. 

Aly had zero delusions; she didn’t even bother asking Rodney for mercy because she knew that he had just been gifted with the last laugh. (Spoiler alert: she was right, and she was mad.) Less clear was who Rodney would choose to save, but new-girl-on-the-block Love got the golden ticket to episode seven. Jess’s dating days were done, too.

Hooooo boy. We don’t know about you, but we’re going to need to rest and recuperate before episode seven, the real turning point of the series. Anyone have some smelling salts we can borrow? 


The Green Room game of Truth or Digital Dare was rowdy and revealing. Juiciest truth? Jess shared that she was a member of the mile-high club among many others. We love a girl who gets after it ... without getting caught. 
So either we were asleep at the wheel or this pair is a sleeper couple: Femi and Dee went on a real-life date! Not gonna lie … we’re kinda digging this big-energy duo and can’t wait to see where it leads.
Speaking of late-stage couple contenders, Salt and Ella’s date was a viiiibe. Keep those weighted blankets handy, guys … they could come in handy on the beach.
John continued to date his way through the CoupleTV cast and revealed a NEW number-one lady. (She knows who she is, and we have just one question for her: have you hit up any of John’s former flames for some insight? You know … Nicole? Or Jess? Or Adiel? It seems there’s a wealth of knowledge out there for you to tap. 😉)
Speaking of Nicole, Jake asked her out on a date live on air … and got DENIED. Turns out her heart officially belongs to Rodney ... and vice versa. (Watch out, CoupleTV cast. Are these two on the fast-track to Jamaica?)
In our estimation, Abisola won two unofficial CoupleTV titles: Best Laugh and Stellar Oversharer. We appreciate that this woman says what’s on her mind … and in her pants.

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