Episode five recap:

Love triangles and LOTS of tea

So. Much. Mysterious. Drama.

Something about an unofficial cast party and a love triangle? More friction between Aly and Rodney? And did Nicole take a vow of silence? Because we’ve got the feeling she’s keeping some stroooong tea to herself.

Before we try to make sense of the madness, let’s recap the major plot points:

At the close of episode four, we said goodbye to Ella, Gia, and Pedrooo -- our three eliminated speed daters. However, viewer votes brought Ella and Gia back onto the dating stage in episode five, along with new CoupleTV cast members Love and Adam.

We’re curious to hear our newcomers’ takes on the dating dynamic, because from our perspective, people were looking to spill the tea more than they were looking to make twosomes. (At least during certain speed dates ... right, John? We lost count of how many times you were put in the hot seat!)

Anyway, when the dates were done, CoupleTV host Colleen revealed who was at risk of being voted off the show. On the chopping block for the second week in a row were Gia and Jess, along with Jake, Adam, and long-time fan fave Nicole.

Love triangles and LOTS of tea

John was less than thrilled to once again have the unfortunate fan-fave duty of choosing who to save and who to sacrifice, but he also had a trick up his sleeve.

John chose to save Nicole but then used his own Love Life to save Jess as well. (What a gentleman for leaving Nicole’s Love Life intact, right? Risky move, but very romantic.)

Once again, Gia found herself in the position of being the friend-with-no-benefits, and sadly she was eliminated from the show.

Deciding the fate of the at-risk men was our own lady-in-red and this week’s fan fave Cheryl. Cheryl was caught between a rock and hard place (or, more appropriately, between rock-hard abs and the owner of an undisclosed night-clubbish place), and COULD NOT make a Keep or Cut call until the very last second.

While she had hit it off with Adam on their date and ideally would have liked more opportunities to chat with this season-two newbie, she ultimately chose to keep Jake, who she had met and bonded with at the aforementioned cast party.

Whoooo. All this drama and things don’t really heat up until next week, when our eliminated daters are gone permanently. Not sure we’re ready for the 🔥🔥 that’s going to bring.

But you are, right? Tune in next Tuesday at 7pm ET right here at couple.tv to see what unfolds behind the scenes this week!


John has been considered a hot date since the start of the show, but is his golden-boy status in jeopardy after the cast party left two of his leading ladies less enamored with him? Could we get some feedback from two randomly selected cast members? What do you think, Adiel and Jess? Any thoughts on this situation that you totally aren’t involved in?
Speaking of love triangles, why wasn’t Nicole giving us the goods this week? We hear she’s talking to Rodney daily, that she asked Jake to meet up outside the show, and that she’s done with first flame John. But when pressed for details? Crickets. Give it up, girl! We need to know!
Tynisha and Emanuele decided to reveal their ultimate fantasies to each other in code. We’re not sure their choice words “choking,” “handcuffs,” “counter,” “whip,” and “saliva” leave much to the imagination, but we’ll have to see if this hot convo leads to a kinky collab!
Aly and Rodney were at it again, and this time they pulled no punches when discussing what went down. Look, we can’t know what really happened, but we do feel pretty certain that these two are NEVER going to reconcile. Maybe it’s time to put the drama to bed and keep these too faaaar apart for the rest of the season.

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