Episode two recap:


Episode two was a bittersweet one, guys. While it started out on a high note (congrats, Nicole … we’re seeing real couple potential with you and your Love Life benefactor John!), it ended with our first three eliminations of the season.

All’s fair in love, war, and online dating ... right?

Throughout the night, viewers not only voted on our couples’ chemistry, but also on whether to Keep or Cut individual cast members. Sadly, there were a few daters who clearly fell out of favor with the audience early and never regained any points in the romance department.

By the end of the show, three women (Aly, Imanii, and Kiley) and two men (Aria and Mike) were identified as the Couplers who were least popular with voters. 

But if you think they -- and the cast members with crushes on them -- were sweating the vote hard, two of our fan-fave daters (Rodney and Tynisha) were put in the hot seat themselves when host Colleen told them that THEY were solely responsible for choosing one man and one woman to save. 


Nothing like going from potential partner to evil executioner, huh? 

But Rodney and Tynisha wasted no time making up their minds: with quick and decisive votes for Kiley and Aria, the fates of our other three daters were sealed: Aly, Kiley, and Mike were eliminated, and they now rely on viewer votes for the chance to return to the show before the end of the season. 

Will they be given a second chance at love? Or will three new daters join the CoupleTV crew? YOU decide! Go vote now (polls are open until Thursday, 9/9), and then tune in NEXT Tuesday (9/14) to see the results!


Pedrooo was playing a smooth-talking speed-dating game with ALL the ladies, but will it keep him Coupling … or eventually get him Cut?
Lesha was leading-on our leading men during the confessionals. Fair warning, fellas! She’s taking no prisoners!
Ella and Mike went from sparks to star-crossed lovers when their relationship was cruelly cut short with Mike’s elimination.
Emanuele was also handed heartbreak with the elimination of his fave flirt Aly, but something tells us there’s no love lost for Rodney … his date with (apparent mortal enemy) Aly was complete CoupleTV cringe. 
Speaking of awkward dates … Adiel full-on confronted John during their date and accused him of deceiving her. What’s the deal with that drama? Let’s get these two back at a dating table to find out!
And finally, Jess and John were pantsless partners in crime … and we’ll leave their Jockey-wearing dating journey at that.

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