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Season two recaps

Episode one recap:


Our premiere episode started off with some surprises, a lot of leading ladies, and one very in-demand date (đź‘‹ John).

Episode two recap:


Episode two was a bittersweet one, guys. While it started out on a high note, it ended with our first three eliminations of the season.

Episode three recap:


Episode three stunned this week as we welcomed three new cast members to the virtual set.

Episode four recap:


Believe it or not, episode four marked the halfway point of season two.

Episode five recap:


Love triangles and LOTS of tea. Episode five had so much mysterious drama.

Episode six recap:


One word, folks: WOW. 

Episode seven recap:


Anyone else have the 80s’ classic “Love Is A Battlefield” stuck in their heads?

Episode eight recap:


And the winners are … !

Season one recaps

Season one recap:

Season one started out with 48 speed-daters in the mix, and as you might expect, all those potential matches made for lots of dates and lots of drama.

Over the eight-week season, we saw hours of fierce flirting and plenty of plot twists, and ultimately we livestreamed our way to a season finale that featured 24 voter-selected finalists.

At stake for the winning couple? Well, l-o-v-e, of course.

Aaaand a teeny-tiny cash prize of $10,000.

Aaaand an all-expenses-paid trip to Couples Resorts in Jamaica.

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