Episode one recap:


CTV is back in session, y’all! Time to give you all the dirty deets romance-filled highlights from each episode!

Season three boasts several new features: a new cast of singles (duh), a smaller dating pool, a fresh look, and a Thursday-night “mini-show” on IG Live.

We’re excited to see how the new structure plays out as the season progresses, but for now, let’s spill the premiere tea. Check out all the dating data below!

Spoiler alert: this season is already shaping up to be cool as hell and cold-hearted, and we totally dig it.



He thinks she’s beautiful. She digs his beard. Our Couple meter was a-buzzing here, even though Cheyenne accidentally voted to Cut Pedrooo after the date. (No biggie. It’s just an elimination game.)

But heads-up to Pedrooo, because Christopher and Cheyenne also brought the fire … like, five-alarm style. Like, get-a-room style. Like, Christopher-wishing-the-date-were-longer style. Like … we’ll just stop now.

This time Cheyenne needs the warning, because we were in how-many-kids-will-they-have-if-Chris-doesn’t-pull-out territory during this date. (Amazing.)

Sparks were flying during their convo, and then KJ channeled her inner pirate during the post-date confessional. While we’re not exactly sure what “shiver me timbers” translates to in date-speak, we’re pretty sure it’s good. Keep your eyes on these two, mateys.

A tech glitch left Cap’n Kaci Jane muted, but seeing was believing for Eric, who seemed completely smitten after a silent game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and charades. The crush-at-first-sight was confirmed later in the episode … much to the surprise of some viewers in the chat.

Cringe dates 💔

CTV dating prompts did nothing to help jump-start the conversation between these two. Low energy, awkward vibes. Zero chemistry can prove to be dangerous in a competition-style dating series, so we’ll see where this goes. (Did you pick up on that subtle foreshadowing?)

These two took a page out of Malik and Nicole’s book. Oof. When it’s not there, it’s not there … and the awkward exchanges between these two prove just how real these dates are.

This date wasn’t so much cringe as it was day-um. Candy came at Christopher hard for being overly friendly with the entire female cast during a pre-season tech test. Always tricky when real-life dating meets up with strategic game play, and we can’t wait to see what kind of … tension … builds between these two.


Our first Fan Faves of the season were Nicole and Eric – congrats, youz two! But we bet the high didn’t last too long considering your first job as Fan Faves was to cut two cast members from the show. Power ain’t pretty sometimes.

Cut from CoupleTV

The four daters with the fewest number of Couple votes from their dating partners (ouch) were Cam, Malik, Kaci Jane, and Khushi.

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you already know how this played out: after a dud date with Malik, Nicole chose to save Cam from elimination, and Eric kept Kaci Jane after revealing that he and Khushi had previously relegated each other to the friend zone IRL.

Cast on CoupleTV

Thursday night on our brand-new IG Live mini-show, our Fan Faves speed-dated (slash auditioned) CTV cast hopefuls Ali Lee, Jerrilyn, Rosa, Aria, Chris, and Jake

After completing their dates, Eric announced that he had connected most with Ali Lee, and Nicole was feeling Jake. These two lucky daters will be replacing the cut daters next week on CTV.

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