Episode two recap:


Episode two was a big one, guys. There were so many hot dates that it was hard to narrow it down to the top four. (No, seriously. There were six mutual matches this week, and that number would have been even higher had our daters been allotted more Couple votes.)

Bottom line: it’s one big love-fest out there, which means it’s going to get messy as these triangles are tested by time … and the arrival of new daters each week. 

Keep it coming, cast members. We’re living for this season’s shake-ups.



After oozing chemistry on Thursday’s IG Live speed-dating show (where Nicole chose Jake as the new cast member), we had a feeling this date wouldn’t disappoint. Jake professed that she’s a goddess; she confessed to having her eye on him for weeks … do we sense some early finalist contenders? 

Then again, Kaci Jane and Jake were kinda drooling over each other. Should these first-date admissions of mutual attraction have Nicole feeling a little nervous? We might have our first love triangle of the season, viewers!

Thankfully Nicole also has a good thing going with Eric, so if Jake goes all-in on Kaci Jane, there is no love lost for Nicole. (Side note, we love how a guy who calls himself “Dark” brings nothing but good vibes to all his dates.)

Kaci Jane and Damon’s flirting game was on fire … and their IG lurking already has them talking about how to make a long-distance love work. We bet Jake’s as curious as we are to see if they continue to Couple each other as the weeks go on.

Cringe dates 💔

This date was burning-hot with drama, but not so much with romance. Jenny accused Cam of being toxic after telling him that someone claiming to be his ex was DMing cast members looking for info. We don’t know who to believe on this one, but the bottom line is this date – and the night as a whole – didn’t end well for either of them.

In addition to some tech glitches that left them feeling awkward and unable to hear each other, the date took a dive when Adiel called out Damon for blowing off a DM she had sent him after the last episode. Totally cringe when a fellow cast member does you dirty like that, right?

We SO don’t want to categorize this as cringe since these two have screamed couple vibes from the get-go, but the (softly) confrontational convo about Christopher’s thirst-trap IG photos left us wondering if this match has a future.

We’re just going to say it: while we love these two individually, we weren’t feeling couple vibes here AT ALL. The convo was fine (if a bit forced), but the lack of sparks seemed clear, and it made it a bit of a slog to watch this speed date. 


After a sluggish start to the season thanks in part to some pre-premiere edibles (lol), a clearer-headed MC Bravado captured the male Fan Fave title in episode three. Cheyenne walked away with the biggest share of viewer votes on the women’s side, handing her immunity and a ticket for the hot seat.

Cut from CoupleTV

Ali Lee, Jenny, Cam, and Pedrooo couldn’t pull off enough Couples in episode three, so this unfortunate foursome found themselves on the chopping block, pleading with our Fan Faves for a lifeline.

We honestly didn’t know which way the Fan Faves were leaning, but Ali Lee and Pedrooo were the decisive “vibe victors,” with our Fan Faves cutting Jenny and Cam from the competition.

Cast on CoupleTV

Our Thursday night IG Live mini-show was a fun one! Speed-dating for a spot on the main show this week were Alanna, Alicia G, Egypt M, Ashwin Jacob, Ric Alston, and Ryan Pownall.

Three minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but it was more than enough for our Fan Faves to size up the cast hopefuls and determine who they wanted to date again next week. A match in wits convinced MC Bravado that Egypt M was the overall match for him, and Cheyenne was wooed by Ashwin Jacob’s promises of bubble baths.

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