Episode three recap:


Episode three is where the love triangles got tricky. There were so many hot dates – and so many double-Couples – that we have no idea what any of our daters are actually feeling. Is Eric Team Nicole or Team Kaci Jane? Is Kaci Jane Team Eric or Team Damon? And is Damon ever going to stop asking Cheyenne for a booty view?

Guess we’ll have to wait for episode five for the answers. 

(Except for that last one. The answer is hell no.)



Where to start with this one? Adiel gave a shout-out to MC’s parents right before revealing her safe word in the bedroom, she smiled with FULL TEETH (guess that’s a big deal?), and her crush on MC was endearingly obvious. He found her adorable and genuine – “a definite match,” as he said – and a double-Couple was in the cards. Still awaiting Ma and Pa Bravado’s votes, so stay tuned.

Wowzers. MC is maybe the best mutual match that Candy has made yet. They bonded over shared interests/professions (we request a collab between these two rappers!), but it felt like the attraction went well beyond that. We’re with MC when he said “I hope this vibe continues to happen.” 

Big points for Ashwin for bringing bath bombs and candles to their date, which was a nod to their first meeting on IG Live last week. Anyone else curious to see if this leads to more than virtual bubble baths down the line?

Speaking of IRL dates … we’re pretty sure Nicole said that Eric is traveling to Chicago to spend St. Patty’s Day with her. That’s a big step, and it kinda seems like this relationship is fast-tracking to the finale. Wonder if their convo about hook-up culture is going to be less hypothetical after a few Irish stouts … either way, sláinte!

Kaci Jane has it bad for Eric, and she didn’t bother hiding it. She told him directly that he’s essentially her ideal guy, and then admitted to viewers in her confessional that Eric is the man she’s meant to spend her life with. (We guess that starts after his trip to Chi-town?)

Luckily, Kaci Jane doesn’t have to get too green with envy over Nicole and Eric’s St. Paddy’s Day meet-up, because she and Damon are hitting it off hard. It was definitely a double-Couple, and Kaci Jane confessed that she wants their next date to be on their grand-prize vacay. 

Cringe dates πŸ’”

It’s the lovers’ spat that won’t end. We thought these two were on their way to reconciliation, but Candy found out that Chris voted to Cut her after their heart-to-heart last week (a move she called him on during their date and that he didn’t bother to explain), so we foresee more cold, cringey dates in their future. Can we just consider this a permanent Cut at this point?

Maybe we needed to be high when watching this date. We can’t really put our finger on what was so off here, but the weird combo of weed giggles and the shadows of relationships past had us pretty relieved to see this date come to an end.

Look, Egypt and MC are both amazing people, but we’re not picking up on any chemistry between them. So although there was no real “cringe” moment to report (other than Egypt committing a possible faux pas by not saving a Couple vote for the guy who got her onto the show), we just don’t see a future here.

This date was sweet in a lot of ways, but one moment nearly did our cringe-meter in. Jake friend-zoned Adiel … right to her damn face. We acknowledge that the news was delivered gently and received graciously, but it’s never easy to watch a moment like this no matter how true (or reciprocated) the feeling.


It’s always hard to tell which way the viewer winds are blowing, but this week Adiel and Christopher were in the audience’s good graces, earning the simultaneously coveted and dreaded Fan Fave title. Being safe from elimination and empowered with casting-director status sounds like a pretty good gig, but it doesn’t always earn you points with your fellow cast members. 

Cut from CoupleTV

Pedrooo found himself on the chopping block for the second week in a row, and he was joined by first-timer Ashwin, who you might expect to be at a disadvantage given his newbie status. Lucky for him, Adiel decided it was too soon for him to go home, and she sent the veteran dater Pedrooo packing.

For the ladies, it was Ali Lee and Cheyenne at risk. (Big upset for Cheyenne, who was last week’s Fan Fave!) Chris didn’t give us any insight into why he made the decision he did, but he cast a decisive vote in Cheyenne’s favor, and Ali Lee’s time on the show came to an end.

Cast on CoupleTV

Fan Faves Adiel and Chris headed to IG Live on Thursday to speed-date the third round of CTV hopefuls. This week Markel, John, Stiden, Alyah, Yuliya, and Tina were vying to become our Fan Faves’ faves.

John and Stiden kinda failed spectacularly with Adiel (those dates deserve their own “cringe” category), so Markel got the nod to join the cast. And Chris couldn’t hide the vibe he was feeling with Tina. We’ll see if this initial attraction stands the test of love triangles next week.

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