Episode four recap:


Episode four marked the halfway point of the season, and there’s no denying that it was our hottest show yet: X-rated dates, IRL meet-ups, bruised egos, hurt hearts, and a shocking elimination of a former Fan Fave that took down a love triangle we’d been tracking. 

We also saw a lot of repeat Double-Couples this week, which has us wondering if our cast members have committed to strategic alliances … or if they’re just plain committed. We’re closing in on crunch time, so we can’t wait to see which duos go the distance and which singles are sent packing. Come @ us with your predictions: @_coupletv.



“Hot” probably isn’t the right word to describe this date, which was so dirty that we can’t transcribe most of it. All we’re going to say is that if these two ever meet IRL, babies (plural) are gonna be made.

Chris’ date with Tina had a whole different vibe … way more wholesome, but the connection was just as hot. Chris admitted to being nervous about their date, but the convo flowed freely and ended with Tina blushing and the two of them wishing they had more time to talk. 

This Double-Coupled match continues to burn strong. Between admissions that they chat off-platform and a convo about bedroom yeas and nays during their adorable date, this duo definitely has potential to go the distance.

But don’t count out Candy, who straight-up promised to win over MC and shatter this love triangle once and for all. We wonder if her drunk back-flip in the Green Room stole points from Team Adiel?

Cringe dates 💔

We honestly don’t know how Markel managed to snag enough Couple votes to keep him out of the hot seat, considering that nearly every woman had him on blast for allegedly having a girlfriend. (Gotta love that social stalking.) The guy spent his whole night in the hot seat, and we were feeling the heat on his behalf. Rough.

The date started off with an accusation from Candy that Damon has a girlfriend and doesn’t put himself out there sincerely on the show … and it only went downhill from there. Not sure that this one is revivable. 

From burning-hot to awkward. Kaci Jane and Eric’s vibe was off this week after Eric flew to Chicago for a visit with Nicole. Even after Eric admitted that the visit confirmed a lack of sparks between him and Nicole, Kaci Jane still seemed a bit hurt and cool with her responses. We’ll see if Eric can revive this romance before next episode.

Can we get these two a permanent table in the cringe section? Chris came after Candy for unfollowing him on IG, which he claimed was “unnecessary” … but Candy spent the rest of the date laying out a pretty convincing case for why it was. Does CoupleTV have a relationship counselor on staff? Because these two could use some mediation.


Fan Faves times TWO. Viewers crowned MC Bravado and Adiel the CoupleTV king and queen for the second time in four weeks, cementing their status as a season-three power couple. 

Being a Fan Fave more than once gives you a lot of influence over the fate of the show. Just look at the math: so far this season, Adiel and MC have been responsible for half of the cast eliminations AND additions. Nuts, right? We’re curious to see if their reign continues next week or if two new Couplers will usurp the throne.

Cut from CoupleTV

So what power plays did our Fan Faves have up their sleeves this week? 

MC Bravado had to choose between former Fan Fave Nicole and newcomer Tina. We’re not gonna lie … we really thought Nicole had this one in the bag. While she and MC never really hit it off romantically, we thought her veteran status would secure her safety. But MC called an audible and said he wanted the chance to get to know Tina better. (Hope MC sends an apology note to both Eric and Jake. They just lost a sure Double-Couple each week.)

As for Adiel, she had to rule whether to keep friend-with-no-benefits Jake or billboard-bound Ashwin. Some tech issues left Ashwin without a platform to plead his case, but given that Adiel had already Cut Ashwin during their date, there likely wasn’t much he could have said to earn his salvation. Jake got the save on this one, and we look forward to seeing him and his abs next week.

Cast on CoupleTV

Fan Faves Adiel and MC Bravado lit up IG Live on Thursday as they speed-dated the next batch of CTV hopefuls. Ric, Aria, Keyshawn, Sarah, Saima, and Cassandra put everything on the line in hopes of finding love in season three, but ultimately only two would get the nod to join the cast: Ric and Saima will be on the big stage for episode six.

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