Episode five recap:


Double-Couples continue to be the holy grail here at CoupleTV, giving us a sense of who’s fast-tracking to the finale and who’s being left behind. However, for the second week in a row we witnessed plenty of mutual matches, so it’s tough to say which couples are the ones to beat.

One thing we do know for sure? There are four cast members whose dance cards are full after episode five. Chris, Kaci Jane, MC Bravado, and Tina each scored three mutual matches on Tuesday, meaning that every time they awarded someone a Couple, they received one in return. Pretty stellar speed-dating stats, if you ask us … and if the trend continues, these four won’t be finding themselves on the chopping block any time soon.

But as we know, fate can change in an instant … especially on a dating show where love interests get eliminated and Fan Faves do you dirty. Will our frontrunners continue to feel the love, or do they now have targets on their backs? Beats the heck out of us, but we can’t wait to find out.



Say huh? Did these two really have a PG date full of meaningful conversation? It might not have been as spicy as usual (at least until Chris’s “I love sex” confession), but the change of pace proved that these two have a connection that could go the CoupleTV distance. 

Tina &

We’re glad Chris’s date went so well with Cheyenne, because his other fave lady Tina hit it off hard with newcomer Ric. Their convo ranged from spirituality to quantum physics, they discovered that they both live in Orlando, and Ric crowned Tina “the wife” in his confession. Ric might be new to the show, but there’s plenty of time for this duo to develop over the next few weeks.

Although Candy and MC couldn’t hear each other due to some technical glitches, viewers could feel the 🔥🔥 between them nonetheless. MC practically drooled when Candy did a 360 to show off her hawt dress (we quote: “that looks like Jamaica!”), and their talks of a professional and personal collab seemed so sincere and sweet that we called a Double-Couple before they did.

Kaci Jane’s excited squeal at the start of their date suggested that all has been forgiven between these two, and the rest of their convos only confirmed our suspicions. (Nicole who?) Clearly there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes that’s smoothed things over, and we wouldn’t be surprised if their make-up session continues on a Caribbean island.

Cringe dates 💔

Anyone else pick up on a slight undercurrent of tension during this date? Might have been because Adiel scolded Eric about his trip to see Nicole (again), but who knows. Outwardly they recovered quickly (Eric felt comfortable enough to share that he sprung his first boners to Christina Aguilera 🤣), but still. Something was off, and that intangible ick earned this convo a cringe badge. Sorry, guys.

Episode five gave us 30 glorious seconds of hope that Chris and Candy were finally going to make up! The date started off super sweet and sincere, with Chris listening intently to Candy talk about a painful childhood memory. But she had barely finished her heartfelt story when he commandeered the convo to address a perceived social media slight. We love you, Chris, but she ain’t NEVER gonna smash that subscribe button.


HOT DAMN. Consistent Double-Couple Kaci Jane and Eric walked away with the Fan Fave titles this week, giving them the power to shape the show as we head into the last three episodes of the season.

There’s been a lot of speculation that this duo is destined to win the grand prize together, so we wonder what kind of behind-the-scenes scheming went on before Thursday’s IG Live show. When the title is yours to lose, you can’t let just anybody join the show in the final countdown, right?

Cut from CoupleTV

You also have to be careful about who you cut. Though Kaci Jane and Eric didn’t have time to collab and connive during Tuesday night’s elimination round, one of their choices still seemed pretty strategic.

Eric had to choose between two-time Fan Fave Adiel and newcomer Saima. It’s hard to know exactly what went into Eric’s decision, but considering Adiel was one-half of another power couple (👋 MC Bravado) and a viewer fave and fire-stoker in the Nicole-Kaci Jane debacle, his choice to cut her makes a lot of strategic sense.

Kaci Jane’s choice was a bit less high-stakes, as neither alleged girlfriend-haver Markel nor newcomer Ric had developed alliances, but the former’s questionable relationship status got him kicked to the curb, so Ric lives on in episode six!

Cast on CoupleTV

This was the second-to-last week CoupleTV hopefuls had a chance to speed-date their way onto the show, and julie j, Lesha, Yuliya, John, and Ryan did their best to make the most of the opportunity.

It was a tall order considering our Fan Faves are so hot and heavy themselves (and since Ryan is Eric’s BFF – say whaaa?), but Ryan and julie j got the job done … and even got to speed-date each other before next week’s show.

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