Episode six recap:


We are t-minus two (two!) episodes away from the end of the season, and WOW are the stakes getting high. With so much on the line, it’s time to take another look at who’s loving the game … and who’s in danger of losing it.

Once again this week, Chris, Kaci Jane, MC Bravado, and Tina find themselves in fairly safe waters, winning a mutual match from every date they Coupled themselves. We can’t overstate what a big deal that is. Winning those Couple votes is the key to staying off the chopping block, and these four are raking them in. 

Less secure in their seats are newer cast members julie j, Saima, Ric, and Ryan. We wouldn’t count them out yet – Couple votes aren’t the whole bag (c’mon, did you see Ric on that stripper pole?) – but there’s not much time left to win over their dates or their viewers.

Of course, with some familiar faces/old flames returning next week (!!!), all this math could be totally meaningless. Love isn’t linear in the best of circumstances … throw a competition into the mix and it gets even messier. 

Thankfully for us, we only have to wait two more episodes until we find out who cleans up in season three of CoupleTV. ๐Ÿงน



Somebody get these two a room already, eh? Kaci Jane continues to fall hard for her “big boy” Canadian, and if Eric’s online beef with fellow KJ admirer Jake is any indication, he’s in it to win it with the California girl and nobody else. Add their sexy convos to the mix (public everything ftw!) and it’s hard to imagine how their competitors could tear them apart.

Big conversations went down between these two in episode seven. (Q1) What would happen if Cheyenne won the competition with another man? (A1) She’d pay to fly “Daddy Chris” to join the grand-prize vacation. (Q2) Where would they live should they decide to move in together? (A2) Chris’ hometown of Houston. (Q3) How long would they wait before cohabitating? (A3) Chris says a few visits is all it would take for them to know. Is it just us, or did this duo level-up this week, like, a lot?

But don’t discount Tina in this three-part equation, because she and Chris continue to connect in ways that give them a fair shot at couplehood. She loves that Chris is “a classic man who wants to woo women,” and he admires her strength, confidence, and femininity. There are still some big questions for them to answer – children, church, etc. – but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if these two end up sipping wine together on a sandy beach soon

Tina and MC made the surprise match of the episode, though we suppose if we were smarter we would have seen it coming given their mutual interests. MC went as far as saying that a convo they had off-platform (which, side note, must have been a big “get” for Tina … we hear MC’s schedule is packed in this regard from his other Couple contenders) was one of the best he’s had with anyone all season. Not for nothin’, but we’d love to know what Candace thinks about this development. ๐Ÿ‘€

Cringe dates ๐Ÿ’”

Today’s “cringe dates” section is reserved entirely for a twosome that didn’t date but did get down and dirty with some words and (idle?) threats over their mutual affection for Kaci Jane. We’re of the mind that we’ve already had enough of the macho aggression for one week (#willsmith), but since she’s all for the competition, maybe Egypt's suggestion of a mud match – or MC Bravado's suggestion that they go a few rounds for charity – will be featured in the CTV S3 reunion tour. ๐Ÿ˜†


We had ourselves some first-time Fan Faves this week! 

Viewers voted to give Jake and Candace positions of power in our sixth episode of the season, and what a moment to earn such a huge privilege. Not only are they both involved in some complicated (and competitive) love triangles, but they were also tasked with speed-dating former cast members and selecting one man and one woman to rejoin the show! (Cue some awkward reunions in 3, 2, 1 …)

Eliminating the wrong person or picking the wrong partner could completely upset the cast balance in the final two weeks of the game, so we hope for our Fan Faves’ sake that they got it right ….

Cut from CoupleTV

On the chopping block this week? Egypt and her BFF julie j, Ric, and new(ish)comer John.

Jake and Egypt had previously acknowledged that they didn’t have a connection, so it was no surprise when Jake opted to give julie j a second chance on the show. (Kind of a tough situation for the ladies to find themselves in, but we’re sure there’s no love lost between these besties.)

We were less certain of what Candace's choice would be, given she was choosing between two relative newcomers. Ric only joined last week and season-two vet John stepped in this week as a replacement for Damon, who sadly had to exit the series early. Ultimately, Candy felt more of a connection with Ric, and so John’s return to the CTV stage was short-lived.

Re-cast on CoupleTV

Jake and Candace took to IG Live this week to date former cast members / “old flames” Nicole, Adiel, Jenny, Malik, Cam, and Pedrooo

We felt pretty confident that Nicole was going to win Jake’s votes – after all, the two of them had been pretty hot and heavy early in the season, Jake and Adiel are firmly in the friendzone, and Jenny was meeting Jake for the first time – and that gut instinct proved right. 

It was anybody’s guess as to who Candy was going to choose, and all three of her dates went pretty well. Ultimately, guy-with-nine-lives Pedrooo got the nod to come back, but it remains to be seen if he can give MC a run for his money in the final two episodes of the season.

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