Episode eight recap:


It’s hard to know where to begin with our finale recap. Do we start with the fact that the original broadcast had to be postponed after a surge of viewers broke the internet and led to a big-ole cast turf war?

Or that during our take-two attempt, we had major couple shake-ups that led to MC Bravado and Cheyenne attending the finale together? Like, in-the-same-room-on-each-other’s-laps together?

Or that daters only had one Couple vote to give away in the finale instead of three … and were otherwise in the dark about how the winners would be selected?

Maybe we need to back up and take a look at the dating twists and turns that led to the crowning of our season three winning couple ….



Let’s jump right into it. We had an inkling after last week that these two hadn’t just made up … they also wanted to make out on the grand-prize trip. The final date (and their double-Couple!) only confirmed our suspicions. Their admissions of attraction and connection and “Chris is my f***ing man” made it clear that they were in it to win it together. Chris actually confessed during the finale that whether it was clear to viewers or not, he made it his goal each week to “win back [his] girl” … and we’re happy to say it looks like he was successful. 

This date gets a hot rating only because the shock factor of seeing them (literally) together threw us all for a massive loop. Though they claimed that a behind-the-scenes connection had been quietly building all throughout the season, we (respectfully) call BS. Own it for what it was: a hilarious dig at the dates who dumped you in the eleventh hour. There’s no shame in that (despite Kaci Jane calling it “desperate”). You brought the entertainment and poked fun at the people who did ya dirty.

DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? These two met up in person the week before the finale and (drumroll please) had their first kiss! We were psyched to hear that the meet-up only strengthened the connection they’ve shared since the first episode. As Eric said in his post-date confession, this couple is “everything you thought we’d be … but better.” Aww, guys! Will you be CoupleTV’s second true-love match? We’re pulling for you long-term!

Physical attraction. Good vibes. Good soul connection. That’s how Nicole and Jake summed up their budding relationship, and we’re not sure there’s a better foundation to build upon. Though there were some initial questions about whether Jake’s young age might be a stumbling block, Nicole waved them off during her confession, saying his old soul shines through and has convinced her that they have the potential to go the distance.

Cringe dates 💔

Tough date to watch because these two were not sharing the same energy … or even the same reality. MC seemed to think Adiel was harboring a grudge against his last-minute decision to go the distance with Cheyenne, but Adiel insisted about a billion times that all was good despite a lot of (alleged) behind-the-scenes mixed messages from him. From our outsider perspective, we bought Adiel’s claims that she was a-okay (and come on, Adiel has never shied away from telling her truth), but MC remained inexplicably unconvinced. 

What a far way to fall. These two have made our “hot dates” list nearly every single week, but here we are, recapping what was perhaps the cringiest date of the entire season. We felt Cheyenne’s hurt and anger radiating through our screens from the get-go, and the rest of the date was a back-and-forth over who burned the friendship bridge first. Whether a love connection would have been in the cards had a Candy reconciliation not happened is irrelevant at this point … we’re just sad to see these two end their experience on such a low note.


At the top of dating, our cast members were warned to award their single Couple vote wisely … and when they returned to the Green Room after their dates ended, they learned why:

Anyone who didn’t mutually Couple with a date was automatically disqualified from winning the prize. Ouch.

Sadly, their single status meant that Adiel, Pedrooo, and Ric did not have a shot at the trip or the $10,000 … and that double-Couples Candace and Chris, Cheyenne and MC Bravado, Kaci Jane and Eric, and Nicole and Jake would go head-to-head in a viewer vote to determine our winning daters.

In a surprise to virtually nobody, Kaci Jane and Eric ran away with the viewer vote and were crowned our season three CoupleTV couple! Way to go, lovebirds!

What was a surprise was Colleen’s reveal that this season’s winners would be jetting off to a brand-new destination: instead of celebrating their win in Jamaica, our winners are headed to beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

Not only that, but runners-up Candy and Chris would be joining them in paradise with $2,000 in their pockets! (Talk about an epic double-date, eh?)

Congratulations to all of our winners, and a big thanks to our cast and viewers alike for making season three of CoupleTV our best yet. Here’s to another round of matchmaking ahead of us in season four!

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